Stichting Nekrova Games Terms of Service/Community Rules.

Greetings traveler. During your journey through artecia we ask you to keep the following rules in mind to allow yourself and others to have fun.

You must be 13 or older to use DP:Legacy

This requirement is set in order to comply with COPPA. Should we find underage players their account will be suspended until they reach appropiate age.

Use common sense.

If you question whether content is appropriate for this server, it's probably not. Feel free to message any of the staff for clarification.

Respect others.

Things like racism, sexism, bigotry, stalking, harassment, invading privacy, and inciting others to commit violent acts is not okay.

No nudity or sexual content.

This server is not for pornography or sexually explicit content. Take it somewhere else.

Do not spam, scam, or ham

(Unless its honey baked).

No advertising,

unless you have permission

Do not impersonate staff members, other users, public figures, or staff members from other companies.

Any form of impersonation will be swiftly met with appropriate action.

Use a nickname/username that can be typed easily, at least partially.

Mainly so it doesn't break the game.

No cheating.

(This includes Botting, (ab)using exploits and hacking.)

We also don't condone RMT

(Real money transactions, e.g. selling accounts or items for real money.)

Sharing accounts is allowed. With conditions.

This means that you can share your account with some one else. However, this should not create an unfair advantage. Having multiple accounts for the benefit of one isn't a valid reason.
Additionally, if an account is found violating our rules, it and all related accounts may be suspended.

Using multiple alternate characters from one account to fill up the dragon championship is unwanted.

should we see anyone doing this we'll be throwing out warnings. It does affect the chances of winning and gives unfair advantages for the Laedis Mats.

Follow staff directions.

If a member of staff directs you to do something (indicated by the [GM] tag in-game). You should follow their directions.