How to get Diamonds

What are Diamonds?

Diamonds or Dias for short, are one of your main shop currencies in Dragon's Prophet! But since we made our server a true free2play server, you cannot just simply buy Dias with real money. There are 3 main ways to acquire Dias on Nekrovas Dragon's Prophet Legacy:

  1. Weekly Milestones
  2. Events
  3. Patreon Donation


Weekly Milestones:

Most of your Dias will be earned through these weekly milestones. A milestone is a sort of achievement you make passively by playing active and doing certain activities ingame. They get tracked automatically in the background, so all you need to do is play.
Our current milestone activities earning you Dias are the following:

  • Gold earned (trading gold from other players does not count)
  • Daily Quests done (the daily maximum is 10, so you won't get more Dias past 70 per week...)
  • Amount of Dungeons cleared (a clear means killing the last boss)
  • Amount of Dragons captured (open world taming, hatching eggs is not included here)



On top of your earned milestone reward Dias every week you can earn extra Dias through various events being held out ingame and via Discord. Every event gets anounced on our Discord and will also explain the rules and rewards there, sometimes even need you to send in screenshot via Discord, so if you haven't joined our »Discord« yet, make sure to do so now to not miss out on these events!
Our current milestone activities earning you Dias are the following:


Patreon Donation:

Even though this method involves real money payments, it is not considered buying Dias! If you want to support us in what we are doing (and mainly Luna in keeping up with server costs) you can donate money via our »Patreon«.

As a little thank you for your support you will gain 10.000 Dias for every month you pledged. That means if you donate today you will receive the Dias at the beginning of the next month, once Patreon has processed the payments, so not instantly!

Also if you decide to donate, please make sure to use the same Email adress on Patreon that you also used for your Dragon's Prophet registration, or we will not be able to tell who is donation (or who the user is to receive the Dias). Should your Email adress differ for Patreon and Dragon's Prophet please contact Luna via »Discord« and send them your username so you can receive your Dias.