Begin your Journey

Unleash the dragon rider in you! Overcome mighty dragons and tame them. Discover the fantastic opportunities you will have as dragon a master.

Become an Osiran and join Skyhammer's ranks, tame countless dragons, build your own house and more in the wonderfull world of Auratia.

The Creation

At Auratia’s creation, numerous powerful elemental forces collided and combined violently in the darkness, finally converging to give birth to the mightiest beings and the symbol of Auratia. Out of utter chaos, the Dragons were born unto this world. However, they were dissatisfied with this barren and desolate world they had emerged into, so they decided to employ the great powers each of them wielded to shape this world to their liking.


The Classes

Guardian class


The Guardian is a heavily armored swordsman that uses the strength and sheer power of his attacks to topple any monster.

Ranger class


The Ranger has a selection of the finest bows and creeps silently through the undergrowth, looking for prey.

Oracle class


The Oracle bends the forces of nature to his will and wields a giant scythe. Oracles feel safest in close-combat situations where their weapons are most effective.

Sorcerer class


The Sorcerer commands the power of the elements, summoning Auratia's winds, freezing monsters to hinder them from following and burning his enemies with mighty firestorms.

Dragon's Prophet: Legacy

Dragon's Prophet: Legacy is a volunteer run effort to preserve the game "Dragon's Prophet".
With these efforts we're here to make sure that future generations can enjoy this once amazing game.

Perks of playing on Dragon's Prophet: Legacy

  • Servers located in Europe (we may expand to SEA depending on demand)
  • Mostly original, unaltered (European) version of the game.
  • Fully Free to play: easy obtainable premium currencies!
  • Easily convertable client (official > Legacy)
  • Weekly milestone challenges for rewards (i.e. diamonds)
  • Depending on the player base, seasonal events and challenges.
  • Long term (possible forever) server hosting. This is done out of our own pocket or by Patreon donations!
  • Normal seasonal events & content.


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